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These are my two hard chromed Maks. The one on the top is an EG Mak I recently bought and the bottom one is my Bulgie Mak. The next set are my stock EG Maks. One wears EG grips and the other one Russian red grips. Show us your Maks! Regards, Richard:D


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Hello. Here are two of my Makarovs. I have another stock EG that is not pictured as it's at my gunsmith's having some "upgrades" done. If I live long enough, I may be able to shoot it in this lifetime.

The Bulgarian has the now-discontinued "Beast Conversion" slide with Novak's from Makarov.com and Pearce grips. Both guns have Wolff 19-lb. recoil springs.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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