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Should I carry a PPk/S or a Browning 1955

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Looking to buy either a PPK/S or a Browning 1910/1955, both in 380 acp.
This will be a pocket pistol.
Looking for pros and cons for each.
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Well, I wouldn't want to carry that Browning in a pocket with a loaded chamber . . .
Hello. I agree with Erich. The striker-fired Browning does not have any sort of "half-cock" notch or internal firing pin safety. If parts are out of spec or worn and the gun receives a knock, it could be possible for the striker to fire the gun inadvertently. Of the two choices you gave, I'd go with the Walther, preferrably a French/German one. Some of the American ones I've seen, owned, or shot over the years did not have stellar reliability. Some worked great.

Hi flusher,

SOG has a small lot of German Walther PPK's for sale. I would look into to them over the American Made ones if you are looking for a decent inexpensive one.

I would carry the PP/PPK and preferably an older one.

I wouldn't carry the Browning. I had one, and loved it, but wouldn't carry it. Like already said by others, I wouldn't trust it, but that's not the only thing against it.

The thumb safety is very small, so besides being easy to "miss", it doesn't give you much leverage to take it off. It isn't that hard to move, but you just don't have much to move it with.

The sights are almost useless on the Browning. I said "almost" because there may be someone who can use them. I could not, and never found anyone who could. Walther sights aren't the very best, but they are fantastic by comparison.
Of the two choice another vote for the PPK. However isn't it a little large for it's caliber nowadays? You could get a NAA or KelTec that's easier to tote (not as classy as a PPK though!)
OK, you convinced me

This is the one I bought

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Hi flusher,


Very nice PPK/S! A true classic handgun.

We look forward to hearing how it shoots.

Hi flusher,

Sorry about that. My fingers sometimes type faster than my brain.

Regardless, very, very nice handgun! I would love to shoot one and put up against my Kel Tec P3-AT with warmer loads. I would wager that recoil would be negligible.

Again, very nice PPK.

Flusher, very nice choice! Use it in good health! :)
Very pretty. I've never owned one but consider them among the prettiest handguns ever.

Just out of curiosity how will you carry it?

I believe that you would have been better served by purchasing the Bersa .380. It would be a new pistol and have better ergonomics than the Walther. It was your choice, but I personally feel better served by the South American import. I love mine!

Jeez Gunfan! Don't rain on the guy's parade!

Flusher, I think it's a beautiful classic handgun, steeped in history. It will serve you well!
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