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OK Folks,

Here's a true romantic story.

My recently divorced brother in Virginia met a woman who is a school teacher coworker of his roomate. It turns out that she was raised in Italy, taught English and spoke several languages. One morning during a conversation, he casually asked her "if you wanted to learn anything right now, what would it be..." She replied, "well I'd love to learn to shoot this gun that I keep at home for protection".

So about a week later, he takes her on a date to see the DC Capitol Building and all the places he works downtown in DC. After they return home, he ask's "well what would you like to do now" and she pulls out a Beretta 92 F that she had brought in from a bag she kept in the car and say's "I'd like to learn to shoot this and then learn to clean it". My brother retrieved his Taurus PT-92 from his gunsafe, 4 boxes of 9 mm and some targets and they set off to do some shooting on the family farm. After they shoot, he sits her down and teaches her how to dissemble the 92F and clean it.

And now they have been shooting and dating happily ever after....

True story about Italian Ladies, Beretta's and shooting.

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