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Sellier & Bellot ammo in BHP

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I took acouple of boxes of S & B ammo to the range the other day to shoot in my Hi-Power and had bad results. Out of the 100 rounds 14 failed to fire and numerous others needed 2 or 3 strikes to fire. The rounds that failed had very shallow indents. I don't know if it's the ammo or gun. My CZ, SIGs and HKs ran fine with S & B but my BHP has worked perfectly with other brands of ammo, UMC, WWB, Magtech, AE and Speer. The pistol was bought NIB but the mainspring feels very light. Any ideas out there?

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I've had similar issues with S&B in 9mm and .32 ACP. I simply stopped using it. Since the problems haven't repeated with other ammo I feel safe in assuming it was the S&B.
Hello. I have had some failures to fire using factory mainsprings in the Hi Power and in other guns with some lots of S&B. Hard primers seem to be the norm with this ammo, at least in 9mm and .45 ACP. If your mainspring is weak for some reason, this would just aggravate this potential. Usually, it has been something like a couple or three rounds per thousand that won't fire; some primers were not even hardly dented when the cartridge was attemtped to be fired in more than one gun.
I use S&B only in .45 ACP where I've found accuracy to be quite good, but I don't buy it in 9mm as I've never been able to get it to group satisfactorily for me.

I've used S&B 9mm and .45 ACP for some time. I've never had a malfunction with it in my three 1911's, my BHP, or my G19.
When I carry ball ammo it's my first choice because the primer and bullet are sealed from the factory. Not that I plan on swimming with the stuff, mind you. Just one less thing to worry about.
I've never had any problems with it out of my Taurus 92 except that I found it to shoot dirty. My experience is limited to about 500rnds however because I got tired of charcoal-like stuff on my hands.

Almost looked like they loaded the stuff I had with black powder
though I'm sure that's not the case.

I don't like the stuff.

Josh <><
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