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I get a chuckle out of our pontification about loads, guns, calibers, and bullet design. Not that it's not important. Especially, if advancing the frontiers of ammo technology and performance help a good guy or gal survive. It's just that I think we look at differences that are minuscule, not repeatable, or not that important in the scheme of things. I will say that anything you think gives you an edge is worth looking into and/or using. Our latest thread on 9 X 19 bullet speed is a case in point.
Looking at the most popular self defense cartridges there are generally few differences between the 9 X 19, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. Throw the .357 SIG in there if you wish.
First, there's no one I know that will argue that bullet placement is paramount. The best bullet at top velocity will not do the job if the shot is a miss or peripheral hit.
A second point is that "bigger is better/more is more" . A definite back seat to placement. There is no doubt it can give you a slight edge. Especially for large agitated targets. Whether they be big game or large humans. Whether you opponent is a Cape Buffalo, or a amped/drugged up human I would agree with this.
Velocity plays a key, but how much it adds to the performance and effectiveness is hard to quantify. Looking at hot 9mm's in the 115 to 127 grain range we can usually expect about 1,250 to just shy of 1,400 FPS depending on the maker. In .40 S&W we and push a Cor-bon 135 to !,400 FPS. and the .45 ACP with 165/185's can be pushed to 1,150 or slightly faster. Of course in the larger calibers bullet velocity suffers as bullet weight increases. How important is that as long as we get desired penetration and velocity allows the bullet to perform as designed?
Given those comparisons I doubt a perp could tell the difference in performance between them.
I WILL continue to use the best self defense ammo I can find, just because it may give an edge. On the other hand if all I have is ball ammo I'm not going to worry myself over the issue.
Probably nothing new here, but wanted to "draw a line in the sand" about where I stand on the issue.
Your thoughts?


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I agree on every point. It's about muscle memory, and discipline, and making a good shot even if your panties are in a bunch. I happen to carry 230-grain .45 Hydra-Shok, because I believe it's effective, but if I got familiar with a Sig in .357 or .40, I'd probably be an easy convert.

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