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I've never owned a Seecamp, but I've shot the .32 model with Winchester 60 gr STHP's.

This model has no sights and it doesn't need them IMO. I shot at a distance of ten feet and found that I could put my shots into a four inch group with rapid fire just by looking over the top of the slide. This level of accuracy is nearly identical with my KelTec P32 and Fiocchi 73 gr FMJ's. Functioning of the Seecamp was flawless for the 50 rounds fired. This pistol of made of stainless steel and weights a bit more than the P32, but the level of felt recoil seemed higher than the P32.

The Seecamp was designed around the STHP which was the only .32 JHP load available at that time. From what I have recently read, current production pistols are okay with Gold Dots, XTPs, and Hydra-Shoks. But these are pricey rounds with a box of 20 costing as much as a 50 round box of US made FMJ. The Seecamp magazine will not accept the FMJ load because it is too long. To me, that is one reason to shine the Seecamp on.

When I shot the Seecamp, the MSRP was $450. But dealers who had them were asking $750 and up for them NIB. I've heard that the prices have come down and now the .32 model can be had NIB for MSRP.

About all I know about the .380 Seecamp is that it is EXPENSIVE. Like $900-$1000 worth. And that is all I need to know....

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