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Any thoughts on these auto loaders?

What is the current viewpoint on .32 v. .380?
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Hey rtw, I know your question is about Seecamp and 32 vs 380 but I would like to weigh in based on what Roadster posted. Several years ago I sent a down payment directly to Seecamp for a 32 and when I got comfirmation that they were caught up with production and were ready to ship the pistol for a total cost of $350, if memory serves, my FFL dealer talked me out of going thru with the purchase and I got a refund. After that I bought a KelTec P32 and I am glad that I did. The P32 is a locked breech type rather than blow back and it makes all the difference in felt recoil. With the light weight and low price of the KelTec one can't go wrong; it is a brilliant design. I am currently in the market for a KelTec 380 for the same reasons that I like the P32, weight and price. I have passed on the NAA versions because they are heavier and more costly than the KelTec. As far as 32 vs 380, carry the biggest caliber that you can. poppy
My memory was probably off, the retail price on the Seecamp 32 was probably $450 when I was trying to buy one, but I just saw a NIB Seecamp 32 on gunbroker for $365 including shipping. If you still want one, there it is at a good price. I will stick with the KelTec P32 although I also have a Beretta Tomcat 32 that I really like. poppy
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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