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Here's an excerpt from a conference between my ex and myself. Any advice would be appreciated. It's in text because that's how we can communicate best and because it's recordable. I'm gunslinger, ex is Ria, and Amanda is a student and a kid of a friend.

wabash_gunslinger: You there?

Ria : yes

wabash_gunslinger: Get my email?

Ria : yes

wabash_gunslinger: There are a lot of parents pulling their kids out of school on the last day because of the threats made by that queer kid.

Ria : who ?? got names??

wabash_gunslinger: Kid's name is Pry(sp?). He wears a shirt with names on it and those names get crossed out as he decides to "exterminate" them. I followed up on this after the initial and though I don't remember the names of the students, I mentioned that name and got an earful. Banana is one I went to third in line so it's not her ramblings.

Seems that nobody's taking it seriously, or as seriously as it should be taken. This new principal is just shrugging it off.

wabash_gunslinger: I've had more than passing thoughts about taking it to the PD but it would just be hearsay on my part and they shrug hearsay, even from me, off.

wabash_gunslinger: Ria, lost connection. Did you answer?

Ria : i forwarded ur e mail to teresa to ask the kids if they have heard anything about this

Ria : just did

Ria : did u get the part about teresa?

Ria : about forwarding ur email to her to see if her kids have heard about this kid @ school
wabash_gunslinger: Go ahead... she has my email and it's all good.

Ria : i already did

wabash_gunslinger: But somebody mentions "school" and "gun" that makes me a bit antsy.

Ria : i plan on asking chris when i see him tonite too

That's something else I wanted to ask Chris about last night. The kid's a queer, flaunts it, and I'm sure that if there is indeed a list, Chris is on it.

wabash_gunslinger: I just didn't want it to get blown out of proportion until I could verify, you know?

wabash_gunslinger: But please, let me know what people say.

Ria : i will

wabash_gunslinger: I'm talking to Amanda right now.... trying to get Teresa's attention. Told Amanda that her mom has an important email coming through.

wabash_gunslinger: Amanda4: its jordan fry

wabash_gunslinger: wabash_gunslinger: Amanda, your mother should be having an important email forwarded to her.

wabash_gunslinger: Have you heard anything about a kid at the HS named Pry(sp?) threatening to shoot people at the end of the year?

Amanda4: its jordan fry

wabash_gunslinger: What can you tell me about him?

wabash_gunslinger: Amanda4: he is gay and he is tired of ppl calling him gay and he really is and he threatened to bring a gun to school

wabash_gunslinger: Amanda4: thats what i heard

wabash_gunslinger: Ria, you getting this?

wabash_gunslinger: Amanda4: idk if the principal has done anything but he said he would do it on the last day i think every1s saying that

Ria : i'm seeing it

wabash_gunslinger: wabash_gunslinger: Are you going the last day?

Amanda4: yea

Amanda4: im at the Middle School

wabash_gunslinger: Ok... You hear gunfire, hide. Don't do anythig but that. The thicker the stuff the better. You know that apartment you live in? I could fire a handgun bullet into one side and it would exit the other side of the house. They're penetrative like that. Try to find some brick and duck, k? Seriously.

wabash_gunslinger: Amanda4: ok i will

Amanda4: i g2g

Amanda4: k

Amanda4: bye

wabash_gunslinger: So.... obviously the students know something...

Thoughts, ladies and gents?


Josh <><

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Josh, I think I'd go to the principal and talk to him about it first. If he didn't seem to be taking seriously, I'd go to the police. Yes, it's hereasy, but you're not testifying in court. You're reporting on something that you have heard about and want to pass it on to them. I think I'd talk to the police even if I did talk to the principal, one way or the other. It's too late after the lead starts flying.

Hope it's not too late.

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Better safe than sorry. Sounds like the school needs to look at harrassment issues at least. The kid needs professional help, but he doesn't deserve to be needled constantly regardless.
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