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Just a little heavier (30 oz) and a little taller (.25 longer grip) than the XDs in 9/40/GAP.

Fits in the same holsters as the 9/40/GAP.

13 round mag that is easy to load and inserts easily into grip w slide fwd.

Slide now has a Melonite finish. For those who don't know, Melonite, Tenifer, Tufftride are different trade names for the same nitriding process using slightly different chemicals in the salt baths; flip a coin as to hardness, lubricity, rust resistance. All better than stainless steel or hard chrome.

Handled really well. Better than the XD 40/357/GAP IMO. Better than the Glock in 40/357/ACP/GAP too.

Reliable over the 400 rounds so far. 230 Speer GD does about 850 fps from the 4 inch bbl.

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Thanks for clearing up whether or not there's any velocity loss with the 4" barrel for me, Broken Arrow. Looks like I'll be loading up with 230 gr. Gold Dots, too, provided my XD likes them (which I bet it will.)

I'm thinking about having mine Black-T'd.

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The new Speer 230g SBGD (short bbl Gold Dot) is supposed to do 820 fps from a 4 in bbl. It's a different bullet w an even bigger/deepr HP cavity.

Some loads were slower than a 5 in bbl, but not as much as I expected. From another shooter on the XD/HS forum:

230 GD 848 fps
230 Rem GS 797
230 Fed HS 827
230 Blazer 820
230 Lawman 756
230 American Eagle 815
230 Rem UMC 807
230 Win USA 770
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