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I know very little about these. I remember, awhile back, people did not like them. What was the problem? Have the problems been fixed? I have read glowing reports about them someplace on a forum.
I also read they are selling for low prices too. Like $230 ....brand new!!!! Is this possible? It may be time to get a 9mm bottom feeder. ::)

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Hello. As a CHL instructor in Texas I see more than a few firearms of different makes and models come through for qualifications.

These have included S&W Sigma 9mm and 40 caliber pistols.

A few years ago, I never saw one that made it through a complete magazine w/o:

1. Failure to feed

2. Failure to eject

3. Both # 1 and #2

Recently two folks came through the class using Sigma's of recent manufacture. Both of these guns worked flawlessly...at least for the required 50 shots.

This is all of the first-hand information I can provide on these pistols.

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