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S&W M&P 40 range report

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The other day as I was browsing my local range/gun shop I spied a new S&W M&P 40. I gawked at it it for a while, tried it in my hand and immeadiately bought it. I put about 200 round through it after breaking it down for some lube, and here are my observations.

(my apologies for not having my digital camera with me at the range, I will fix that on the next visit and post pictures)

The overall fit and finish of the gun was very good. essentially, the grip feels like a cross between a P226 and a sigma, witrh nice rubbery textured stippling in the front and backstraps. the machining of the slide and barrel were nice, with no exposed markas and a melonite like finish.


changable backstap: was changed through the removal of a combination frame pklug and punch tool hidden in the backstrap. I kept the medium size, but the small and large may appeal to people with the appropriately sized hands.

trigger:the trigger itself appears to be an articulated unit lifted right out of the sigma, but t6he lockwork is different. The weapon has a magazine disconnector and a sear disconnector in the magwell to assist in dissasembly. the trigger also has a short two stage stroke of about 7 pounds with an initial takeup of roiughly half of that. The break is subjectively cleaner than a std trigger glock, but not up with the SA trigger on a sig, or good 1911. I will assume this is due to the weapon having a sear that only rotates, not compresses the striker spring during the trigger pull (as with sigmas and glocks)

Sights are novak lo-mounts.

Extractor. the extractor is a pinned and springed unit as on a conventional S&W auto

Shooting: I found the weapon very comfortable to shoot, and I shot it much better than its primary competition (G22), during 200 rounds, I experienced 2 malfunctions, both failures to feed when shooting limply off of a rest. with any normal hold, the weapon was fine (also note that these 2 malfunctrions were rounds 003 and 005 from the gun, and rounds 006-200 were fine, so this may be a breaking in effect) ammo was UMC 40 and PMC starfire 165Gr JHP's.

Accuracy was good, but was not measured formally, I will get back with some group nmeasurements later.

Overall I am impressed. I had 2 sigmas in the last ten years and was so put off by their lack of reliable that the were both sold after various breakages and malfunctions. I ho[pe that this weapon is reliable for the next 1000 or so rounds so that I can become confident in its abiloities and maybe carryit on duty on occasion.

We'll see.
\In the next few days I will update with anoth 3400 or so round shooting, and some proper pictures.
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Hello and thanks for your report on the new S&W auto. I've noticed that it seems to be generating quite a bit of interest and most have commented on both the feel of the gun and the improved trigger pull. Again, thanks for this report.

how about the overtravel and the amount of forward movement to reset the trigger?
the trigger reset travel is very short, similar to a glock or walther P99, but longer than a good 1911. There is an overtravel stop molded into the frame which seems to prevent much overtravel.
If you don't mind my asking, what was the cost?
Hi car541,

Thank you for the range report and we can't wait to see some pictures with your additional testing!

I honestly feel like the S&W M&P is going to be a real hit in the shooting community and the LEO community once it gets into the market a little more. I think that it will elipse the Sigma and the P-99 both.

S&W seems to have hit a home run this time!

I examined one at the range yesteday. Price was about $615, IIRC.

The feel of the gun is really nice. As good as a CZ 75B, maybe better in my opinion.

It would take awhile to get used to the trigger pull, I think. Of course, I was only dry firing it. But the take up on the one I looked at was fairly long. After take up, there was an abrupt point of resistance and then a sudden break with an accompanying "sproing" familiar to Glock shooters everywhere. With familiarization, I imagine the trigger would be just fine, though.

If it's reliable, I think it'll really be some tough competition for Glock and Springfield.

I'm looking forward to the .45 acp version, which supposedly will hit the market this fall.

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I took the M&P out to shoot 2 more times, one a department qualification, and the second a 250 round practice session. the pistol fired all 300 of these rounds flawlessly. It continues to be a good perormer, accurate and reliable.
Not to hijack your thread here car 541...but just thought I'd chime in on my experiences for the benefit of those who are curious. I've also shot a couple of hundred rounds through an M&P 40. They are built tougher than an Abrams tank and I haven't seen a failure in one yet. It's surprisingly slim for a double stack gun and the interchangeable backstraps make it quite adaptable. I absolutely loved the gun except for one thing...the trigger. I just couldn't come to like the trigger. It's heavier than the Glock and Springfield's and it has a longer reset than the Glock. I would also consider it more "mushy" than the Glock or SA trigger. As far as quality of manufacture, I would place this gun at or near the top of the plastic pistol heap. But the trigger prevented me from purchasing one. I just couldn't bring myself to overlook it. Hopefully S&W can get it figured out and improve the trigger characteristics of it. It they could I would scarf one up in a heartbeat. But until they do I'm going to have to refrain.
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I got a chance to shoot the M&P 9/40/45 side by side w some Glocks, FNPs, and HKs (including the new HK45 and HK45c). Liked the M&Ps the best.

I now have two M&P45s w safety, both black frames. With the small grip, feels just like the 9/40 w med grip.

It doesn't twist in my hand like other polymer guns, and I like that. I can work it as well as a BHP/1911, and I like that too.
Howdy folks,

I have never had the chance to shoot an M&P, but have handled several in my buddy's gun store. I am not a big fan of polymer/plastic pistols really, too much of a dinosaur I reckon. I was forced to carry a Glock on duty for several years and was not a happy camper during that time frame either, lol.

But I do have to admit, the M&P pistols I have handled have impressed me. My buddy is selling quite a few of them now, including some in 357 Sig. The buyers among his steady customers are giving him only very positive feedback. I am also impressed with how user friendly Smith has designed the pistol to be by including all 3 backstraps in the purchase.

If I have the chance to shoot one I will jump at it. Especially if someone has a 357 Sig, as I would really enjoy making a comparison to the various brands I routinely carry in that caliber now.

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