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S & W 1911 Sc

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I am shopping for a light weight Commander size .45 ACP and am considering the new S & W 1911 Sc. I would appreciate the comments, criticisms, and recommendations of anyone who owns or has merely fired this pistol. By the way, my local dealer quoted me a price of $775 NIB, which seems like a fair price. Do you agree? Thanks.
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One of our deputies, who is also a shooting buddy, has one.

He is well pleased and it does seem to be a well put together gun. So far no dings on the feed ramp, which at a couple thousand rounds so far would likely have showed up on an aluminum frame gun.

It has not bobbled yet and it hits to the sights.

I could do without the F.L. guide rod or the forward serrations but then that is probably personal preference.

Good luck!
Thanks for the information, Mr. H. If memory serves, the 1911 .45 ACP is a favorite of yours. So I ask, What make of light weight Commander style .45 would be your first choice, if the all steel, full size pistol was not in the equation? And are problems with aluminum feeding ramps a recurring concern? If so, is there a remedy? I appreciate your comments.
Corky, I've not owned an aluminum 1911, but I've carried two Star PD's over the years, and they also have aluminum frames. Both feed ramps were eventually marked by bullet noses slamming into them, but neither ever had a failure to feed excepting when I tried the shotshells.

The S&W 1911sc is on my list. It's probably the next handgun I'll buy.
The only Aluminum of that design I own are Colts (2 Commanders and a LW Officers). The feed ways sort of look like an orange peel after a while ( I do have one Commander that is hard chromed which has not done this but it also has not been shot as much).

I personally am not willing to put up with the bushingless system (or more accurately the field stripping method) of the shorter than 4 1/4" inch guns so the quality does not matter much.

I too have been looking at the S&W (it has a rod but that can easily be changed since it also has a barrel bushing).

Another candidate would be the Para LTC in commander length.

I am not sure they make an aluminum frame but I looked at a Commander Length Dan Wesson the other day...it was extremely well fitted and made and had a bushing....if they made aluminum it might be a choice.

BTW - I am not totally opposed to a Steel frame Commander length gun...they do recoil less. In fact some tests I did which surprised me a bit, showed that a Combat Commander had less muzzle rise than a 9mm Govt. Model!!!! (that does not mean the felt recoil was less).

Hope this helps,
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Ever since I read Mr. Camp's latest book, I've been thinking about Commanders of various lengths, and I'm interested to hear that you folks actually think the Sc-alloy frame was a good idea.

I had thought, "Well, the .45 is such a low-pressure cartridge that has such a gentle pressure curve that the recoil can't be too, too bad. Plus, there have been LW Commanders floating around since the '40s, so surely this Sc-alloy thing S&W has come up with for the Commander is just a high-speed/low-drag scam." From your comments, though, I'm seeing that it's not, and that there might be a reason to pay a little extra dough to get the tougher alloy.

So, I thank you for getting me to think about the Sc Commander (although my wife might not appreciate it quite so much :) )!
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