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Ruger SR9 Range Report

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Pistol: Ruger SR9
Caliber: 9x19mm
Ammunition: American Eagle 115 FMJ (900), Win Q4172 115 FMJ (900), Speer 124 +P GDSB (100), CorBon 115 +P DPX (100)
Dates of testing: 7-15 Nov 07
Total rounds fired: 2,000

Stoppages: zero
Malfunctions: zero
Breakages: zero

I like it, warts and all. The warts don't bother me any more than Cindy Crawford's mole does. Since it's a new gun, I'll babble a bit...

About the size of a G17/XD/M&P but a little heavier (H5.5/L7.5/bbl4.125/26.5 oz). Spring/slide seem heavier than G/XD/MP but I didn't measure them.

Trigger isn't as smooth/light as a Glock/XD/M&P but I don't notice the difference when I shoot it. Reset doesn't feel any different to me, but I didn't measure that either. Some take up, some grit, breaks at 6.5 lbs, I liked it anyway and did just fine w it as is.

Low bore axis like Glock/M&P. Handles well for me, especially one handed, better than a Glock. A better fit can trump a better trigger? Grip feels kinda like a 1911, thinner than a G17/XD/M&P. Used it w the arched backstrap (reverses to flat).

Metal 17 round mags are hard to load w FMJ (need supplied loader), but easy w JHPs. Wondered if FMJ/TC would load easier, but don't have any handy. Mag release stiff w loaded mags, fine w empty mags. Slide release like a Glock/M&P (I don't use it - slingshot/overhand it).

Frame mounted thumb safety is small and mounted farther back than on thumb safety modified Glocks, but I had no problems w it. Hard on/easy off the way I like 'em.

No pulling the trigger for field strip; just push down on the ejector (easier to find/do than that lever on the M&P).

LCI (loaded chamber indicator) does double duty as a bottle opener. Just kidding. It's big, but not a problem. Front sight is metal, rear has metal base w plastic insert click adjustable for elevation (base by drift).

Has mag safety, but will dry (not live) fire w/o mag. Doing so may damage it, so don't do it. Have no idea what they were thinking, but it is Ruger... and the mag safety is easy to remove. Works like the firing pin safety off the mag top, does not connect to the trigger in any way.

Frame rail fit X200, better than on my Gs/MPs. Holster used was Fobus Evolution for M&P. Fit a bunch of other stuff too (Blackhawk for G21, Don Hume for USP).

Long term durability TBD, but it looks typically Ruger rough n tough.

I like it better than Glock. Doubt the FBI/DEA/USMS/NYPD/GSG9, etc or the gamers will.

I don't see it as a Glock killer for LE or games, but it is a good pistol for about $50 - $100 less (local prices) w some added safety features and a different (better IMO) fit. Another good choice for those who want something like a Glock, but different. Judging by XD/M&P sales, more of them out there every day.
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Howdy Mr. Brokenarrow,

Thanks for a very detailed range report on this handgun.

The first time I ever fired a Ruger pistol was their original production model, developed to compete in the military trials. At the time it was their first and only offering. I was attending an revolver armorer course at the factory, and they let us spend .5 day on their range test firing almost anything we wanted. It was interesting, as we were actually proof testing whatever we wanted to fire. I shot my first .458 Win Mag with the required 3 proof loads (50% overload).

When I got to fire the pistols, to be honest there were atrocious. They had two for us to shoot, as several students had already written checks to purchase this pistol. After shooting these 2 (one had a DA trigger you could not keep on paper at 15 yds, and the other had the same problem with the SA trigger), everyone asked for their checks back.

Ruger obviously began to produce other models in various calibers, and must have learned a few tricks in the process. During 5 year recertification courses as a federal instructor, we fired all of the brands and calibers that our agency authorized for personally owned handguns. Among these pistols were several models/calibers of Rugers. I will readily admit they were basically day and night from my first exposure. All of the ones I fired during recertification were reliable and accurate.

I do not have the largest hands, and have always found the Ruger pistols I have fired to have grips that were uncomfortably large for me. But I can say the same thing about H&K and Glock full size pistols too.

But to me, any handgun that the shooter feels fits their hands well, is one they will tend to shoot well as a result. First their confidence in their shooting ability will be increased, and second they will tend to spend more time shooting a handgun they like the feel of. At least those have been my personal observations over 3+ decades as a firearms instructor.

While my agency was initially allowing us to carry personally owned handguns, various Rugers were on the approved list. I did not see a lot of Ruger pistols purchased as duty weapons, but I did see more than I had really expected to see. I will agree that Rugers basically appear to be built like a tank, and I can not recall ever seeing one malfunction during range quals or tactical courses. We lost personal weapons authority for a time period and then it was recently resurrected in a limited fashion. Ruger pistols along with several other brands, are no longer on the list of authorized brands.

While I enjoy some pistols, like Sigs, that are popular among LEAs, I also appreciate other brands that are not - such as the CZ pistols. Once I get a pair of CZ75s set up in 357 Sig, they will at least at times, replace the pair of Sig P226s I have already set up in that caliber for off duty use. The fact that CZ pistols are not normally founds in LEO holsters does not bother me in the least, as that brand fits my hand and works very well for me. So I see the Ruger pistols as being much the same.

If you like the feel of you new lady and feel you shoot it well, then just enjoy it and keep doing your extended range testing sessions. Any brand of pistol that NIB can digest 2000 rounds without a hiccup, strikes me as a keeper sir.

As you gain more experience with this lady, please continue to share your thoughts with us.

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