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Review of SAO version of FNP-9

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NineSeven over at the fnforum.net was kind enough to point me toward the link below with his review of the Single Action Only (SAO) version of the Fabrique Nationale(FN) FNP-9. I know that Mr. Camp has posted a review of the DA/SA version of this gun, but what really caught my attention is that the SAO version can be carried cocked and locked.

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This is a "plastic fantastic" that I think I could warm up to --- if it's available in .40.

And it is: http://www.fnhusa.com/products/firearms/family.asp?fid=FNF019&gid=FNG001

Does anybody know a price?
One source online that I recall shows the SAO at $435. That's with 3 hicap mags, but no night sights. The SAOs don't appear to be as widespread as the DA/SA models, which are advertised in numerous places for $350-500.
That's a reasonable price for FN quality.

I think that they aren't widely distributed yet because of their newness, but some distributors may be taking a "wait and see" attitude to see what market acceptance will be before they stock them.
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