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Remington Standard Velocity 9mm

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I recently came upon Remington standard velocity 124-grain JHP 9mm ammo offered by Sportsman's Guide at $10.40 per box of 50. Its velocity is cited as 1,120 fps. I can't find other any information on this load, even at Remington's Web site, so I assume it has been discontinued. I am wondering how it compares with other sv loads from major manufacturers. Anybody have any experience with it? Thanks. --c
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Hello. I shot some a while back from a Hi Power and the average velocity was 1134 ft/sec. It expanded fine in water and wetpack, but is the "old technology" jacketed hollow point. In more recent times the only Remington "Express" load I've tried has been their 115-gr. JHP +P. I would suspect that the standard pressure JHP in the slightly heavier weight would perform in similar fashion to the Federal 115-gr. JHP in standard pressure. Remington has altered their line of 9mm JHP ammo in recent years.

Thanks for the information, Mr. Camp. I have found the "old" Remington 9mm HPs to be reliable feeders in a variety of finicky pistols, and since the price is so reasonable, I plan to stock up on it. --c
I've been buying the Remington 115gr UMC JHP lately, and have found it to be reliable in several pieces I've tried it in. About $17/100 at Walmart. No idea how it performs in various media yet.


The FBI tested a Rem 124g JHP in 1993. Pretty sure it's the same load.

P226, 1109 fps

bare gel 12.4/.60
through cloth 13.7/.57

Shot the 124 JHP (not GS) through cloth into water. Performance was almost identical to the Speer 125 GD except the jacket came off now and then. Both did about 1155 fps from an old BHP and expanded to .55 caliber.

Looks pretty good to me.
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