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So, I went to pick up a box of my standard carry load in .38 Special, Remington LSWCHP +P in the 158-grain variety and all the store had was 158-grain LHP in a +P rating. I initially thought the rounds were the same, since I have heard of the LSWCHP simply being referenced as the LHP, but after comparing the rounds, I find this isn't the case.

First, my LSWCHPs have a longer bullet in them, a more pronounced "shoulder" in the actually bullet (I assume this is why they're called SWC), a shallower, but wider cavity than the LHPs.

After looking this over, I examined Remington's website and discovered they only list the Lead SWC and the Lead HP in 158-grain +P flavor, no longer the LSWCHP. I'm inclined to believe they may have discontinued the hold semi-wadcutter HP in favor of a plain old Lead HP.

So, a couple of questions:

1) Has anyone tested the LHP to see if expansion and penetration are comparable to the LSWCHP?

2) Besides the Speer Gold Dot short barrel load, has anyone tried any other loads for their snubs? I'm looking to replace loads if my favorite is no longer available, perhaps the 158-grain Hornady XTP?

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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