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Remington LHP?

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So, I went to pick up a box of my standard carry load in .38 Special, Remington LSWCHP +P in the 158-grain variety and all the store had was 158-grain LHP in a +P rating. I initially thought the rounds were the same, since I have heard of the LSWCHP simply being referenced as the LHP, but after comparing the rounds, I find this isn't the case.

First, my LSWCHPs have a longer bullet in them, a more pronounced "shoulder" in the actually bullet (I assume this is why they're called SWC), a shallower, but wider cavity than the LHPs.

After looking this over, I examined Remington's website and discovered they only list the Lead SWC and the Lead HP in 158-grain +P flavor, no longer the LSWCHP. I'm inclined to believe they may have discontinued the hold semi-wadcutter HP in favor of a plain old Lead HP.

So, a couple of questions:

1) Has anyone tested the LHP to see if expansion and penetration are comparable to the LSWCHP?

2) Besides the Speer Gold Dot short barrel load, has anyone tried any other loads for their snubs? I'm looking to replace loads if my favorite is no longer available, perhaps the 158-grain Hornady XTP?

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Hello. Remington's "LHP" designation denotes what many of us have called the "LSWCHP" and is the same load.

The LHP's shown in this picture are loaded a bit longer than what I usually see, but testing them over the chronograph showed no differences in velocity.

Most of them, including the last 3 boxes I bought looked like this with regard to LOA.

By coincidence, I had contacted Remington about this very load a few weeks ago though about a different aspect of the load and was told that nothing had been changed since its inception.

Whether some slight dimensions of the actual bullets themselves have changed, I couldn't say but the lead is still the softest I've seen in this type load and in both water, "wetpack" and a few animals I've shot, the bullet continues to perform in its traditional "good" way.

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+1 for what Stephen Camp just said. That is what I have in my snubby. By the way, do not drop these cartridges. They ALWAYS land on their nose, which converts them into range ammo.
Cordially, Jack
I still have a few boxes of the WIN but I am not certain that they look any different.
I know this is an old post, but I had a question about this round.

Is the 38 Special Federal LE 158gr. +P Semi-Wadcutter HP Ammo basically the same thing as the Remington?
Does it perform the same? Same velocity, etc?
I found some of this Federal for a good price. I recently bought the Remington SWHP from Cheaper than Dirt and it really is accurate and not too hard on the hands in my S&W Mod 19 2.5" or the Mod. 10.

Thanks for the input.
Erich, thanks.

After I posted this I saw an article Mr. Camp wrote about the Federal, Winchester & Remingtons. He mentioned that the Winchester lead was harder than the Remington and showed a photo of bullets fired from snubbies where the harder, Winchester round did not expand well from the 2" revolver.

I just made a sweet deal on a 2.5" Model 19 in blue. I shot some of the Remington 158gr. SWCHP's and it was really pleasant to shoot and quite accurate. I think these are good, affordable rounds for snubbies.

Then, I found some Federal 158gr. SWCHP's for half the price of the Remingtons. I had never thought that the softness of the lead could make such a difference.
I'm getting to be quite a snubbie fan. I have go to get control on this. It's my second 2.5" Mod. 19 in less than a year, the first was a beautiful nickel one.
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Hello. I have not done much "testing" on the 2 1/2" bbl's but I'll bet that this slightly longer bbl is enough to allow all three major brands of LHP's to "work". I'd probably still stick with the Remington, but remain convinced that from a 4" bbl, it doesn't make any difference. The short 1.9" bbl on the J-frames allows for just enough velocity to get expansion (as well as deformation on the soft lead) under best circumstances. If the Remington LHP doesn't expand from the 1.9" bbl for whatever reason, it will probably deform a little.

I am not sure if the Federal lead alloy is quite as soft as the Remington or not, but I think it will probably "work" from the 2 1/2" tube as well as the Remington. I know that Federal's alloy is not as hard as Winchester's version.

Mr. Camp, thanks so much.
I really like the 2.5" Mod 19's.
I really want a 3" (65, 64, 10 or 13) but they are so hard to find.
The Model 19 with the 2.5" bbl is heavier than the 2" Mod 10, but it is an attractive revolver.

The one I purchased today was really accurate with the Rem. 158 LHP's. I was really surprised. I'm not sure if I was surprised with me or the gun.

Again. thank you.
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