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hi i am newto your message board . i noticed a lot
of self defense ammo has red ammo seal around
the primers .good idea to make sure it goes bang
when you pull the trigger. well i just purchased
some 158 gr 38 special +p lhp. i did not notice
any sealant. does remington seal this ammo?
and if not would it be a good idea to seal this
myself with roys primer sealant ? using this ammo
for s&w 64 4inch for house gun. just want it
to go bang when i pull the trigger. thanks

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The best way I know to seal a primer is to paint the base of the cartridge with nail polish, then wipe it off, leaving only the headstampings and primer perimeter with the nail polish on it.

I steal a different shade of nail polish from the wife every time I do this. I then write the date that I bought the ammo on the box of ammo and paint a little bit of the nail polish next to the date, which allows me to easily identify the age of all of my carry ammo.

When it gets old, or if I weather a good rainstorm while carrying it, that box gets tossed in the practice box and I start the process over again.
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