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Reliability Of Mak's?

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Ok - got my Bulgy Mak on Thursday and picked up some Wolf el cheapo ammo to run through it tommorrow. As far as I can tell I got all of the greasy crap out of it (really wasn't coated TOO bad).

I'm wondering to what to expect tommorrow. Could I have possibly have missed an area for cleanup so that I'll get a FTF tommorrow?

Any other Mak owners have any problems first range session after purchase then cleaning?
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How about the firing pin tunnel?

Yes, definitely detail strip, Makarov.com's got the detail strip instructions. Just be sure and always have the safety in the down "fire" position any time you take the slide off for cleaning or reassembling. Also, don't pull the slide back on an empty magazine and lock the slide and then put the safety on. Letting the slide go forward that way will damage something. The only time the safety should be put on (the up position) is when the slide is forward in the firing "round chambered" position. [Yes, you must go up through the "safe" position and beyond to remove the safety with the slide removed from the frame]

Naturally, putting the safety on with the hammer down locks the hammer and slide. Putting the safety on with the hammer cocked decocks "drops" the hammer onto a block of steel.

The firing pin/tunnel only needs a little bit of lubrication.

I'd be more concerned with dud rounds with the Wolf ammunition. I've never shot any, that's what I'm hearing on John S. Farnam's website. http://www.defense-training.com/quips/quips.html

No problems with my first range session and after cleaning. I've only used Sellior & Bellot 95 gr. FMJ's so far. Also use standard 17# recoil spring.

Happy shooting! :)
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