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Reed's Ammo - Any experience?

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I'm looking for HPs for the CZ 52 7.62 x25 and the EG Makarov 9x18.

I've looked at Reed's Ammo. The prices aren't bad.

Has anyone shot their stuff? Any other suggestions?

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I've shot their 9x18 gold dots and xtps...........they seem to work ok.
I received their Hornady XTPs yesterday in 7.62 x 25 and 9 x 18.

I'll try to get to the range today to see how they work in my Maks, CZ52s and CZ82s and will report back.

Back from the range. The Reed Hornady XTP in 9x18 was flawless in both the Maks and CZ82s. Accurate as both the S&B steel case and Mesko from AIM.

As to the 7.62 x25 XTP, I don't yet know. It's hard to test the ammo if you don't bring the gun along!

Throwing the cartridges at the target was not too bad at 10 yards, though the groups were not as good as the 9x18, and my arm failed to return to battery after 20 throws.

Perhap's next week I'll remember to take the CZ52!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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