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Ranger .40 S&W 155 JHP

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Graf & Sons is offering WIN AMMO 40 S&W RANGER 155gr HP 50/bx (WINRA40155HP) for $17.99 per box. Is this the extraordinarily good price that I think it is? Also the total delivery charge per order is a mere $3.95. Minimum order is $30.

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Howdy Mr. Corky,

Thanks for the heads-up sir. Many folks think highly of the Win Ranger ammo, myself included. Being able to buy 50 rd boxes is simply another nice plus to me too.

I am sure no expert of commercial ammo prices, but to me that would be a very good price indeed.

Thanks for the heads-up sir.

Be aware it is the same 155 JHP bullet w a different colored jacket as used in the 155 Silvertip. Same performance at the same velocity at a better price. It is not a Ranger T type bullet as are the Ranger 165/180 JHPs.
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