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Took out a new S&W 340PD and a new S&W 638 this weekend. Fired the following loads:

1. Federal Low-Recoil Hydra-Shok 110 gr
2. Winchester White Box 125 gr JSW
3. Winchester White Box 158 gr LSW
4. Winchester version of the FBI load (+P 158 gr LSWHP)
5. Remington 148 gr Target WC

Fired only at the LE silhouette targets, so no info on penetration, expansion, etc.


Firing at 7 yards, only the 158 gr loads fired to POA. POI of the others was mostly high (4 or 5", depending on the load) and to the right (about 3 or 4", depending on the load). This surprised me, since lighter loads generally hit lower.

Recoil from the two 158 gr loads was somewhat more noticeable than from the other loads, which is what I expected. However, it was manageable. I had expected the recoil from the FBI load to be quite "substantial," and while it was somewhat greater than the non-+P 158 gr load, it wasn't disturbingly so. The main difference was a "torquing" or twisting effect which was, however, controllable.

Based on this I'm considering making the FBI load my carry load. I will have to practice with it to control the recoil and "torquing" effect, but I just can't see carrying a load that doesn't hit to POA.

I'll have to see how my wife handles the recoil--may have to find something else for her.

How does this compare to results you other folks have had with loads fired from the J-frame S&Ws?


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Hi there Crash,

I've had similiar experiences with my S&W 642-2 and the differences in bullet weights is distinctly noticeable and felt recoil.


Hey Chris,

Just took my new S&W 642 out and liked the way it handled 130gr UMC FMJ and 125gr. +p Gold Dots. Accuracy was great despite a horrible, heavy (ruger-like) trigger pull. I'm trying to find some of the "new" 135gr. +P Gold Dot designed for short barrels.

Good luck in your quest!

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