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Range Report: Nighthawk Custom Enforcer (Bobtailed

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I finally made it out to shoot my bobtailed Enforcer from Nighthawk Custom. In short, this pistol is top notch. The fit and finish is nothing short of amazing. Everything fits snug without any play, but you don't need tools and voodoo to strip it. For this session I did a little of everything, but only used one target, so it's kind of hard to illustrate the accuracy well. I shot mostly modified weaver both stronghand and weakhand, but I also ran two magazines of single hand shooting from both hands.

230 rounds were run through the pistol, in a 20 minute period. I would have spent more time, and given more care to my marksmanship but time was an issue. Really the mission here was to shoot to my confidence level in the pistol before Hurricane Rita made landfall. Ammo used was as follows: 200 rounds of Winchester Value Pack 230gr ball ammo, 15 rounds of Winchester 230gr SXT JHPs, and 15 rounds of 200gr +P Cor-Bon. The Cor-Bon was fired last, and on the second round the Enforcer failed to go completely into battery. I attribute this single failure to me, myself, and I. The firing of the first Cor-Bon round was not entirely intentional, and my grip was such that I almost lost the pistol. At any rate, it went about 98% into battery, a nudge on the slide serrations with my firing hand's thumb was enough, and the rest ran smoothly. I must say, I do not remember that kind of recoil from the 200gr +P load from Cor-Bon when shot out of my Combat Commander, but it was cold and my hands were numb then, so that could account for the difference.

The target below is 100 rounds of WVP. The first 3 shots were all touching, distance was 45 feet (the max at the indoor range). In the first 100 rounds I fired the first 32 rounds single shot with a good sight picture for each, modified weaver stronghand from 25 feet. The next 32 rounds were fired as controlled pairs, and the remaining ammo was fired as quickly as I could get a flash sight picture, squeeze the trigger, and change magazines all from 25 feet as well. Color me impressed.

Here's one of the Enforcer after all the shooting, she's dirty but I love her anyway.

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NICE gun! I really like the two-tone finish on the slide and barrel!

Nothing like seeing a gun still run after she's hot and dirty.
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Hi Anthony,

Nice piece indeed!

I'm just curious about the bobtail mod: looks nice and smart as the heel prints the most in concealed carry. But how about the grip confort?


Hello, Anthony. Thanks for the report and pictures.

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