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I have a Kimber Ultra CDP. The decription on their web site state that it has a 3" ramped barrel... my question is what exacly is a "ramped barrel" as opposed to one that is not ramped?

Sorry if this is a silly question... I'm still relatively new to the world of 1911's... and have alot to learn...

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The original 1911 design had the feed ramp partially on the barrel and partially cut into the frame. Your gun has a big ol' feed ramp hanging off the back of the barrel (in the fashion of many modern pistols - tends to feed better with less fuss).

The Kimber literature is merely pointing out that your model has the more modern barrel design.

Old style ramp carved into frame (apologies to Mr. Camp for using one of the photos from his site, but it's wonderfully illustrative - as are most things on his site :) ):

Barrel with ramp attached (in this case, a CZ 75 - again, apologies to Mr. Camp for the use of his photo):
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