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Questions for P226 owners . . .

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I'm thinking of purchasing a Sig P226, and I'd like to hear from current (or past) P226 owners:

1. Should I plan to have action work done on the gun, or does it shoot fine "as is"?

2. If you did have action work done on your P226, who did it? Were you happy with the results?

3. Beyond action tuning, is there any other "must have" custom work for the P226?

Thanks for all comments and recommendations.
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the 226 in 9mm is one of the best all around pistols in the world. it feeds rocks i have never had a 226 too jam on me. gunsite claims the 226 runs like anything else at there training center, i think its fine right out of the box. but i did send mine too teddy jacbson actionbyt for a action job, man its sweet. teddy is the best,!!!
I have had 4 P226's (2x 9mm, 1 357, 1x 357 with rail). My answers to you questions are as follows:

1. my definition of shooting fine is as follows: very reliable, accurate enough for their intended use and a trigger good enough to allow me shoot the weapon at my normal level of accuracy. If your definition of "shoots fine" is similar, you will need no work on the weapon

2: Yes, two of them have been to Teddy Jacobsen. He did a great job, made what was already an acceptable trigger into a really smooth trigger and polished up all of the insides. He is partially retired now and is not taking in much work, and I do not have any other suggestions.

3. in my opinion, no other work, other than maybe night sights is necessary. They are extremely reliable out of the box, are accurate and shoot well.

3A. Although not asked, if you have work done, never let a gunsmith cut down the springs (hammer,etc) of a Sig-Sauer. If someone claims that the trigger pull can be lightened by trimming some coils off of the mainspring, never let them touch your gun.
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The P226 rarely needs any work. The trigger can be enhanced by purchasing and installing the short-reach OEM trigger. It's about a 15 minute job, and that's taking plenty of time to do it.
As a relatively new owner of a P226, and used to boot! I'm extremely happy with the performance of this pistol from the very first time I took it to the range and cranked it up. I've not even considered the need for a trigger job considering that I shoot HiPowers and know what a somewhat poor trigger it has. But I might consider the short trigger that abninftr mentioned. It's a matter of choice. My suggestion is to get one, shoot it and then make a decision on what you want to do with it.

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