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Pressure Limits For Walther P-1

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About a year ago I picked up a brand new, unissued and unfired Walther aluminum frame P-1 made in 1960. I stipulate aluminum frame because the factory didn't get the word for several years after the steel frame P-38 became the aluminum frame P-1, and went right on stamping "P-38" on them through 1960. This one has P-38 on it in fact.

So anyway, what would you gents recommend as to pressure levels to observe in defensive factory ammo for this gun? Walther makes an unusually nice pistol, but I am reluctant to use any +P ammo in it, and the thought of using +P+ scares me to death.

Now, as for using this pistol for defense, I have absolutely no intention of ever carrying it as a carry pistol. But I insist that any auto pistol in my safe have some home defense potential, so that's why I'm asking. The gun shoots round nose ammo fine, even the round nose JHP's, and the 147's work fine except for the first round out of the mag. (which disqualifies them)

Right now I'm leaning very hard towards using Winchester Silvertip 124's, not +P or +P+. Anybody think I'm being too conservative?

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Hello, sir. A standard pressure load that can be found and that has seemed to "work" nicely over the years is the Plain Jane Federal 115-gr. JHP. It has an ogive very similar to the FMJ and frequently feeds slickly in automatics that are somewhat picky as to what they'll run without a stutter.

The expanded Federal JHP shown here was fired into water from a Browning Hi Power. Average velocity from a 4" or better barrel is in the mid-1100 ft/sec range.

The load seems to group very well in the 9mm pistols I've tried it in over the years.

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Thank you, Mr. Camp. That's the kind of information I'm looking for. Jerry
I totally agree with Stephen. Additionally, using +P or especially +P+ ammunition is not a good idea in a P38/P1 due to the stamped steel cover plate on top of the slide, which retains the chamber indicator piece; using higher pressure ammunition can loosen or cause the plate to fly off, scattering parts across the landscape.

Best, Jon
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