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Hello All,

I'm wondering how you select a firearm.

My Taurus started out as a pistol that felt good in my hands. It had some problems however, and once those were ironed out it shot 1.5" at 25yds. However, my practical accuracy is about the size of a pop bottle at 7yds: One practice method I use is replacing bowling pins with pop or water bottles and shooting them off their stand as quickly as possible.

My Carpati (PPK clone) has never been tested for accuracy potential. I fired a couple hundred rounds through it to break it in, my target being a fairly thick (about 6") tree that will be coming down anyway. It hit almost every time - the misses were my fault - at 7yds and the disconnector is not very sensitive, letting me fire with it in an attacker's belly should that be needed. It will shoot to my needs, IOW.

The .22 revolver has been benched and will shoot about 2" at 15yds. However, it's likely the most "pointable" of my pistols and I can dance a golf ball around from 15 yds all day by hip shooting.

My squirrel rifle, the Romanian trainer, likely will never be a target rifle. I doubt I'll ever even 'scope it. I really can't shoot it well off the bench; it will hold about 3/4" at 25yds. The best I've ever done was a vertical string at that distance. But, it's just not a target rifle.

None of these are target firearms.

I can call my shots with any of these at their intended max distance and perhaps further. After I got back into practice I was able to begin snap shooting with extreme accuracy out to 50 yds. With open sights I can call head or heart shots on squirrel. This is all done without the use of the flip up leaves (50 and 100 meters), using only the 25m leaf (fixed) and flat shooting ammo.

Same goes for targets of opportunity with the Taurus, shotgun (with buck), or revolver, and to an extent, the Carpati.

I would have to say I pick up a firearm, heft it, fire it if I can, and if it feels good, take it home. Any issues are fixed there.

There are some who aren't happy unless they can benchrest sub-MOA groups with rifles or sub-2" groups with pistols, from the store.

How do you select your firearms?

Josh <><

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"How do you select your firearms?"

1. Intended use
2. Reputation-I always research a firearm before buying.
3. How it feels
4. How it looks to me
5. Accuracy


Edit. I might add that although I have accuracy listed last, numbers 2,3,4, and 5 are all very close to each other in my actual selection.

My CZ-75 is 3.5" at 25 yards, from a rest.

As far as practical accuracy goes, it's more than sufficient.

My S&W Model 19, though... OOOOH-BOY!

1.5" groups from a rest at 25 yards -- on a bad day.

Practical accuracy...

Well, let's just say that if someone ever decides I look like a mark while I've got that thing on my hip, He will very quickly learn the effect of a .357, 135 gr. Speer Gold Dot through the center of the human sternum.

However, were it less accurate, I would still use it. In short, I select for practical accuracy, but target-grade accuracy has its uses.

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It depends on the gun and it's intended use for me.

If it's a varmint or target rifle, I want it to be as mechanically accurate as possible. I'll work on the practical aspect of adapting it to suit me.
Handguns, I'd like to do pretty well on their own.

I sure do have examples of guns that are mechanically accurate, but I can't hit well with, and vice-versa. It seems more evident in rifles.
I've benched rifles that shot tiny groups, but I coud never shoot them well from a "field" position, whether it was stock fit, trigger, weight, balance, whatever. On the other hand, I've had them that weren't so impressive from the bench, yet I could stand up with them and ring the range gong to my heart's content.

I guess I'll have to say I'd prefer practical accuracy overall.

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I reserch all I can about the gun I want. I ask around down at the range and see if I can fire one before I buy it. After it's mine if I can keep it in the 9 ring of a 9"x11" sheet of typing paper at 10yds I am fairly happy. I print my own targets off the computer. I also shoot free hand. So far all my guns can out shoot me. Years ago I was a lot better but the eyes are going away.

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Hello Josh,

The majority of firearms that I own can demonstrate better mechanical accuracy than I can "practically" shoot them based on their caliber and design.

Like many others, I have used "group size" and "distance" as the ultimate test of a firearms mechanical accuracy, but ultimately have found that ammunition quality and consistancy is the telling tale of a firearms accuracy potential.

For many years, I have chased the "accuracy legend" and have found that many of my firearms were purchased based on recommendations vis a vis test reports, articles and shared testimonial and mechanical accuracy potential is a leading factor in my decision to buy or not to buy a firearm.

My S&W 1911 will outshoot my SA Champion with a Match S/S Bull Barrel.

Realistically, my CZ 452 will "outshoot" my Romanian M-1969 Trainer. However, when hunting it is always first shot placement that counts so "repeatable" accuracy is not a factor.

As far as tiny group sizes, my Taurus M-62 pump will outshoot them both at the same distance and with the same ammunition. I've yet to figure that one out.....

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