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Hello all,

The question as to how we point shoot was asked. These are my tactics. This is what works for me. Here's to hoping I can link up as it seems Imagestation changed some things around.

I do apologize for the quality as it seems the digicam is heading south.

This is a retention stance. Some may recognize the JKD aspects.

This is a quick draw and shoot. I may or may not index the sites. It just feels natural.

This is a Weaver stance used for retention. I rely on muscle memory from the regular Weaver stance to score hits. My body is definitely indexed to the target.

This is what I call my "surfer dude" stance. It's taken from an Aikido throw. What you cannot see is my legs and right arm. My knees are bent, ready to run, and my right arm is extended to counterbalance the weight of my left.

I do not claim to have invented these tactics. Some are taken from martial arts stances and and others are modifications of what I have been taught. The only claims I make are that 1) They work for me and 2) I've not seen anyone else use them.

That said, I've not read Applegate and Fairburn.

I hope these pics do indeed post, and that they may come in handy to some.

Thanks for putting up with the download time also.

Josh <><

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Hi Mr. Smith,

Nice, illustrative pictures.

Are you familiar with this site: http://www.pointshooting.com/ ? There are some interesting articles and photos on there.

Over at warriortalk forums there have been some long discussions about point-shooting. I've come away reasonably confused.
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