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Please help me decide between two pistols.

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Choices are a Smith and Wesson P-99 or Steyr MA-1 in .40 S&W caliber. Anyone know if either of these have any quirks as to reliability, etc. I'm aware of the Steyrs Trapezoid sights, this is not a concern.
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I am thinking about buying stock in S&W. I really like the M&P. Having said that, I really like the Steyr other than the goofy sights. They are cheap but the mags are costy. I have seen both the P99 and the MA1 in IDPA competition to be reliable. 40 is expensive to shoot and in my opinion not worth the extra money over the 9mm. It is all about location, location, location. Which can you get the best deal on? How many mags can you get? Who can get you a holster and carrier? I could do the Steyr myself as it really fits my hand. Have you looked at the S&W Sigma? Very good bargain and if you must, it comes in 40 as well!
Thanks for the reply. Actually I do hav a Sigma 40VE that has been really good. I was thumbing through the latest CDNN catalog and found they have both Steyr MA-1's and S&W 99's for good prices. I figure to upgrade, sell my Sigma, go with one of the two mentioned. As for extra ammo costs, I have four or five hundred factory JHP's stashed, plus I reload my practice loads. As for 9mm's, I'll stick with the Browning HP. Again, thanks!!!
Don't sell the Sigma if you can. It is a good pistol and will make a nice "beater" The Steyr in 40 is not much fun to shoot. In 9mm it is great. The SW 99 is a very nice pistol but I agree that I would rather have this weapon in 9mm rather than 40 cal. BTW the New 40 M&P smiths seem to be nice. I have seen them shot in competition with no reliability issues and they seem to be accurate.
You could go to smith-wessonforum.com and ask for feedback on them before buying one.
CCWMAN, actually the 99's are so rare, not many replies were received at the S&W forum. I finally ordered the SW-99 and am already wishing I had not. It's the AS model, the trigger is actually worse than the SIGMA. The striker channel has to literally be total tools marks to be so rough.
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