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Plain old Silvertip in 45 ACP

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This used to be the Captain Billy's whizbang in defensive ammo and I find that the 185 grain is still the most consistant performer in all of my 1911's so i'm going back to it.
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I'd used them in the 'old daze' but be aware they may not expand at all from short barrels. I had nearly 100% failures to expand in water from a 3.5" gun.


I've gotten more into heavy loads in my old age. I feel like the 185-grainers are sort of a holdover from the lighter/faster days of the '80s. Now that I know to worry about penetration, I go for at least 200-gr LSWCs.

Not to say that there's anything wrong with the STHP, though. :)
I know that todays JHPs are more reliably expansive than when I could see my feet but I always prefer the 230 grain versions.
Hey three feathers,, just pick up the Winchester white box personal defense ammo, It is exactly the same bullet and ammo just is loaded in brass cases and doesnt have the Silver colored tip, expansion, penetration, velocity are identical.
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