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First off, any Hi-cap or wide body is NOT a 1911.

That may sound officious but the point is that they don't feed the same way as a 1911. Even the Polymer Kimber and Wilson KZ pistols are not exactly the same though they do have a sort of feed ramp in the receiver rather than all in the barrel.... still they are not 1911s.

This is not a criticism. I have a couple of Para's. While some of my more knowledgeable friends have some criticisms of the pistols, I cannot say that they have given me any problems (I did work on several early ones that did give problems). Use quality mags (I find Mecgars are actually better than P.O. in quality and material) and they should be just fine.

I agree that the LDA is in truth a "concealed" single action...they gun is indeed cocked, the hammer is just hinged to disguise it. It seems a bit fragile and it is indeed really complex to *detail* strip. It is not complex to field strip. However, I figure if it fools the guys who make up silly rules about "cocked and locked" then I am glad they are around.

Press on,
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