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Sir, you say that the term "tactics" is overused.

What, to your mind, is a 'tactic?'

I'm of the opinion that any pre-thought, pre-prepared action is a tactic, including self-defense practice.

I'm interested as to your thoughts on this subject. You've touched on it, but I've never seen you give an explaination, and you've got my curious side goin' :)

Thank you Sir,

Josh <><

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If you will re-read that I said that "Tactical" was an overused term.

A tactic, to me, is a means to an end at least in the short or intermediate term). It is any method or action which is used to achieve the goal (in combat it that is often the survival of the tactitician).

That said, it fits in many a circumstance but the reason I say "tactical" is over used is that quite often it is used for things that are often counter productive or at the very least, misleading.

For instance the "Tactical Reload" is not something one would use in the middle of a gunfight (bullets still flying). It is fumble prone and takes far too long. For that reason it is far from "tactical".

Some instructors eshew it entirely and I don't blame them on the basis of simplicity but I do think it has merit for use *after* a gunfight and for adminstrative purposes depending on range conditions (if you have ever had to shoot 500 rounds in a class using M-9s whent he ground is soupy you will learn quickly not to drop mags in the mud!).

My complaint is that so many folks apply "tactical" to mean some sort of "high speed - low drag" gadget or training. Implying that it is better for gunfighting.

Few people would call the Win. 94 as a "tactical rifle" yet many experienced combat vetrans from Gabe Swarez to Jeff Cooper have hailed its virtues as a Police Carbine. I often carry mine in lieu of an M4.

Anyway, I could go on an on without much contribution to the conversation. The one last thing I will mention is I asked one of the guru's about this term when applied to firearms and his response was:

"Best I can tell they took a normal gun and painted it black." :-/

Onward...tactically of course ;)
Best Regards,
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