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Our Neglected 10mm Fans...

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Hello. Perusing back through various topics, I noticed we have some 10mm fans and that round and the guns that shoot it don't seem to be mentioned very much.

If you are a 10mm user, I'd be interested in your reasons for going with the cartridge and your choice in firearms for it.

Best and thanks in advance.
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Perhaps it is a case of trying to keep a good thing to ourselves ;)

Just kidding, I would not say I am one who has "gone over" to the 10mm but I have used one since they came out (even fired the prototype Bren X with ammo made from 30 Remington Cases).

It is a fine cartridge. I personally have not seen any real difference in practical results between it and the .45 ACP on big game (that could be a good thing, at least it is not less effective) and don't see too much difference in ballistic practicality in the field at normal handgun ranges.

That said, it could easily be loaded to better penetration and it might have an advantage at longer than normal handgun ranges (in excess of 100 meters).

My new job has me often "boondocking" out in the wild, right at the moment (meaning actually this moment, tomorrow may bring something else) I am packing my standard old Govt. Model and a 4" 629 as a backup gun (which does double duty as a field gun).

I am strongly considering working more with my Delta Elite or Para Ord in 10mm out here in the field.

The 10mm is a grand idea (as are the.40 Super, .45 Super and the .460 Rowland!!!), it is too usefull to let it die on the vine!!!!

Onward and upward!
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Although my Delta sometimes serves as CCW piece in the urban jungle surrounding my homestead, it sees more use when traveling in areas where humans aren't the biggest predatory critter to be found.
I like my 1076 for mountain hiking here in NM. I load it with 200-gr XTP Double Taps (at over 1200 fps out of the gun), and I feel well-protected against anything that I might encounter. I feel that the cartridge (that very much excited me when it became more generally available in the late '80s) brings an excellent balance of power, caliber, and shootability. I do not feel it's the equivalent of a .41 magnum, but I sure think it outraces the .45's performance by a heck of a margin.

I like the fact that the 1076 allows me to carry an autopistol that I find I can shoot much faster than my SA .41 mag revolver. The 1076 is maybe a teensy bit lighter than my Blackhawk .41, also, and it seems to pack quite a bit smaller. The 1076 holds ten compared to the .41's six. Reloads with the 1076 are a flash, whereas a non-indexing SA Ruger revolver is one of the slower modern revos to reload.

I don't carry the 1076 much concealed in town. Maybe come winter I'll do it more, but my "civilized" carry guns tend to be considerably smaller and lighter. It's all about how I dress. At the end of the day, the 1076 really is a belt gun (although I have a Galco IWB that works perfectly well with it - but my usual hiking carry is in a Bagmaster Pistol Pack).

I don't think that the 10mm is necessarily the "be all and end all" of handgun cartridges, but it's darn handy for my uses. :)
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Mr. Camp, as you read Erich's posting, it's primarily a penetration issue in a handy, flat package. I'm not convinced it's one iota better than a .45ACP in "social work," primarily I chose it for critters in the woods, smaller bears and cougar. Don't really have much problem with an IWB holster for it as it's (Smith 1076) only marginally wider than a 1911. Even though it's a crunchenticker, it has the same low bore center, slim grip feel, and same grip angle too.
Hello. I'm certainly not an authority on 10mm, but have shot a few Delta's over the years. Checking figures over the chronograph and glancing through reloading manuals, I think it would be a dandy woods gun for folks wanting to take animals from whitetails down (assuming only good shots) and would be a peach at taking the fight out of a felon or felons who assumed their deeds could be done in the wild more easily than the city. I'd probably go with an XTP handload as it would probably not be my first choice as a dedicated self-protection-against-humans-concealed-carry gun and feel well-armed in my neck of the woods.

Felt recoil is subjective but to me, with full-house loads, the 10mm's felt recoil was rather like +P felt-recoil with 200 to 230-gr. loads in .45 ACP. In the real world, it probably wouldn't make much difference.

I was very pleasantly surprised at the intrinsic accuracy of the 10mm out of the last Delta Elite I was able to fire several brands of factory ammunition through.

I can see how the cartridge has a following.

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I own a Glock 21. What do you mean it isn't a 10mm? I bought a KKM 10mm barrel, magazines, and 20# Wolf recoil spring and my G21 is now also a 10mm Glock. I love to shoot this conversion as it kicks, spews fire, is accurate, and a hoot to shoot. What more can I ask for? Regards, Richard
The only 10mm I've had any experience with is my Glock 20 that I bought new in 1992. Honestly, I enjoyed shooting and reloading for it back in the '90s, but it has become somewhat of a safe queen in the past few years. For me, the grip girth of my G20 and my G21 feel too large for me to obtain a comfortable hold. I have nothing against the cartridge, however I'm not looking to add any more 10mm guns to my collection.
I too have a Glock 20 I bought ages ago. But since most of the ammo makers down loaded the 10mm to .40 S&W power levels I have not shot it much. Tim
Tim, my friend, you need to Google for Double Tap ammo. 200-gr/1250 fps. Accurate and not expensive.
I have enjoyed this caliber for a long time.The Smith&Wesson 1066 was my first. And I really like the 1086 and 1076 as well. My current on the would really like to have list is the Dan Wesson commander cbob. I have examined several examples and these have had the tightest slide to frame fit that I have seen on anything 1911. Plus they did so much to what already combined two of my favorite things ,the 10mm cartridge and the commander sized 1911. Add factory Novak style night sights, front strap checkering and the bobtail and wow what a beautiful gun.
P.s. The cross in the slide markings is a real plus to me too.
I was 10MM ignorant for alot of years. with the advent of CZF and the many posts about the
Witness 10 in Clone Club. I decided to try one out. The only ammo for it was a dusty box of 10mm Silvertips. Those were an eye opener!

My 10 serves as my boondocking gun..ATV riding and mashing about in the woods. Faster reload than my .44s and .45s and it is just one heck of a nice design (cz75 my fave 9mm) and powerful
enough for my needs. Bears, cougar and other predators beware!

I'm still pushing CZ-USA to send Mr. Camp a 10MM Classic Commander pistol for review.
That would be my choice if I wanted to deviate from the Witness.

I love the 10mm round, I only wish I still had one. I had a 1076 and it was an outstanding gun that I shudda never let get away. The cartridge is outstanding when we talk about crossing from the street to field and stream. At closer ranges, I doubt it has much over the .45 ACP, but it has a much nicer trajectory for the longer shots.

.... primarily I chose it for critters in the woods, smaller bears and cougar.....
I remember reading one of the gun mags quite a while back. Glock had just come out with the model 29, I believe, which is the compact version of their 10MM. The article really recommended this piece highly as an outdoorsman's defensive pistol. They thought it would pack a reasonable amount of power/firepower in a flat, compact package. Ten .357 magnum powered rounds (They compared ballistics) for use against two legged predators, feral dogs and even some of the smaller predatory wildlife one might run into in the woods. Do any of you other guys concur with this view besides 1911Dave?
ADBF, even though the Glocks in 10mm/.45acp are too big for my hand, I'd go along with your sentiment on the G29. One fellow here uses his for pin shooting, and the 180 or 200 gr. loads take the pins off with gusto, assuming he hits them halfway decently.
I am perhaps in the minority but I have a slight reservations on the sub-compact Glocks, merely because I have seen so many of them break....usually the recoil spring guide but they tend to break the slide lock (that his not the slide stop) also. One our our regular shooters lost two slide locks from seperate Model 30's in one week and had a failure of the recoil spring guide to boot.

But I would certainly agree that the 10 mm is easily comparable to the .357...even better I think.

Probably if one does not shoot them a whole lot the sub compacts would work just fine so that might not be a problem of the highest order.

You know, folks out hunting should not have a problem with concealability (with all the cold weather gear)...a Glock 20 makes a lot of sense if you can get your hand around one.

Good luck!
I own five handguns chambered in 10mm auto, and have been reloading and shooting the cartridge since 1991. I like everything about it: flat trajectory, power, versatility. Its one of my favorite handguns to "strap on" when I go into the woods! :)

I use a G20 for work these days. Mostly for all the extra ammo I can pack, 15rnds in the mag, 15 + 1 hard hitting, 180gr, Cor-Bon HP's- with another 30 on the belt, That sir, will do.

I have looked at moving into a 1911 platformed 10mm, but as a pure tool- a combat handgun, the Glock is just hard to beat. The size does not bother me as I am a rather robust individual, It is no 1911, but for me the G20 'feels' very nice in the hand.

In my case it really is simply a capacity issue, somtimes you just have to be practical.
We 10mm fans repeat... wwwdoubletapammo.com... When youre serious about survival!
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