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Opinions older S&W 5906

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I just got a older S&W 5906 that was a police trade in. I have read on other boards how bad S&W semiautos are. I have taken and shot it the only thing that I did not like was the long trigger pull on DA. The SA trigger pull was sweet. Has anyone done a unbiased critical look at the S&W pistol. I got the pistol for under $300, I got hi-cap mags for $15. I think for a carry gun it will do the job. I know people will said HP or glock or sig or beretta or colt and CZ are a better pistol, even those pistol folks have had problem with them. I think for the price S&W 5906 will do the jod I need, and by the way at 25 yards shooting at 2'X3' target off handed with 105rds I hit the target about a 95% of the time. The pistol is not a target pistol but for personal protection it's not bad could it be better could be. Now opinions? :)
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Do you mean true capacity mags? :)

I like the S&W bottom feeders, and I would love a 5906. I carry a 4006 on duty.

I got the mags from a gunshow that I got the gun from. CDNN has 5900's mags from $8.99 to $24.99. They got use 4006 11rd mags for $11.99. The shipping a flat rate of $9.99 to the lower 48 states.
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The state is kind enough to supply me with mags. :)

I do have four 11 rounders for my privately owned 4006, but it was my original duty gun.
Remo, I've often said that used S&W semiautos are some of the best values out there. I'm glad to hear you're liking yours. I think the manufacturing quality of the S&Ws (not the triggers or the lock-up design) is equal to that of the SIG-Sauers. It's great to be able to pick something of this quality up for under three bills. :)

Several years ago (early 90's) a friend and myself used to shoot together occassionally. His one and only handgun was a S&W Mod 5906 and mine a Glock Mod 19. As I recall the 5906 never once in all our shooting sessions had one failure of any type and was just slightly more accurate than my Glock. The only thing that I didn't appreciate about the 5906 was it's greater weight than the Glock. However, if the pistol is right for you who's to dispute that? I think you got an excellent deal on a truly great firearm and should pay little mind to what members at other forums think.
I have a nickeled 39-2 that has never-ever failed to feed; fire; extract; and load the next shell ( if the magazine isn't empty ). Not only that, it seems I can't miss with it if I try!

I also had a blued 59 that went thru two owners, two gunsmiths, and the factory twice before it started to work reliably. Last I heard the 3rd owner still had it.

I had a 5946 that fitted my small hands well, due to it's short DAO pull. Worked fine, however I could not get used to the crunch, crunch, crunch rather than crunch, tick, tick.

A good Smith auto is a delight. A bad Smith auto is a horror story waiting to unfold.

I wouldn't go looking for one, but if the price was right and it had a history of functioning, I might buy one.

Of course, it would be a given that I didn't touch it without donning a pectoral cross and eating a heaping tablespoon of garlic - us decendents of the folk who lived in the land- beyond-the-forest ( tran/sylvan/ia ) tend to be a mite superstitious!
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I carried these for a few years, and like the 5906s, especially the round trigger guard versions. And when I am tired enough that the weight bothers me, I go stand on the bathroom scale and poke fun at myself. ::) This scale reminds me to keep the two pounds of good 9mm in perspective, and that I'll do better to lose 5 pounds of the tummy that snuck up on me in the last ten years.

These are "old school" pistols made of real steel, that do pretty well for themselves.

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