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Old School Guy

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I am an old school guy beginning with my first handgun purchase in 1969 with a Ruger Super Single-Six which I still use regularly and still have the box and papers (the original grips are in the safe). As I said, I'm old.

Being old, I grew up with revolvers, particularly S&Ws and old model Rugers, and the CZs were the first automatics that I owned that gave me satisfaction in shooting (along with Makarovs). Have my first Springfield M1 (1943) with a National Match barrel that shoots the tail off a gnat at 100 yards with original sights (well, it did when I could see that far without squinting), and now concentrate on self-defense shooting as the world continues to go to hell. A FEG keeps me company from time to time and now handles HPs without hanging on the ramp.

I still carry CZs (75b and 97b) with the occasional backup S&W Bodyguard from 1966 in my outer coat pocket. Old habits die hard.

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