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Hello everybody,
I'm new here and this looks like a place to introduce. :)

I'm from Prague, Czech Rep., Europe, work as a Unix programmer and I'll be 40 years old this year. mpts are my initials (first letters of my names). As my English has big holes I will much more read then post though when I'will know something (possibly) usefull I will try to write it too. :)

I used to shoot from air guns and later from .22LR rifles in my youth, than I met guns in the army (in communist era -- not nice memories) and nine years ago I've bought my first gun (Glock 19) to wear it for self-defense. Now I also have one Ruger revolver, one 1911 .45 pistol and CZ-858 7.62x39 semiautomatic rifle (semiautomatic version of Sa-58 Czech army assault rifle).

My interest in guns is primarily intended to self-defense, but not only. I guess this should be enough for now.

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Hello Sir,

Welcome to our little corner of the web

We are serious but polite here. I speak a bit of a foreign language, but your English is much better than my foreign language skills. :)

Smilies are good for helping to get your point across ;)

Josh <><
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