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Oh gawd, here we go again...

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OK, if you know me you know I've dropped back to the 36 calibers. 38spl's., 357 mag's, a single S&W 39-2 in 9mm, 3 CZ380's, etc.

So Saturday, one of the bigger towns north of here has a CZ75B in the case. Standard with polycoat finish.

Now I have never held a CZ75 of any kind. Guy behind the counter gives it to me. It's too big for me. Of course it is - S&W J's, Colt D's, and CZ83's fit me. K frames, BHP's and S&W 39's are too big for me but I can accomodate and use them. The CZ75 is in that same area. I can handle it d/a if need be, and cocked and locked fits just right.

Here we go again...
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You could do worse than a 75B. I got one like new from a friend, and then I started hearing about others' experiences with the 75 series. Now it's on my list of those guns that stay with me no matter what.

I also have a Witness compact 9mm, but for various reasons I haven't decided whether to keep it or not.
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