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This fella used to operate around the Indianapolis area. His business was in deline when I was old enough to buy firearms so I never went to his stores.

He struck me in the commercial I posted as a little off kilter. Always did.

Would you buy a gun from a guy like this? He gave gunowners bad names in Indiana for a bit with these commercials as anti-gunners saw him as a nut. They also really didn't like his signature "finger point." You'll see.


Ok, maybe he doesn't do the finger thing here. I can't tell as I'm on dialup. He would usually laugh some crazy laugh and point his finger at the screen and work his thumb like a hammer.

Josh <><

P.S. Dang, he still is in business! http://www.donsguns.com/ J.S.

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I knew who you meant right away, without even looking at the youtube link.
"I don't want to make money folks, I just love to sell guns, hawww hawww hawww".

I always just hated it whenever anything happened involving a gun, and the news people would run to him for a quote.
He would always stand in front of the store so it was on camera and turn it into a free commercial.
He spoke for noone but himself.

Then there was his stunt from about 1990 where he called all the news people out, made a speech about how he was tired of all the "assault rifle deaths", refused to sell them, and didn't even want them in his store.
At which point, he turned to the pile of something he called "assault rifles" (but were probably old rifle stocks and some lengths of pipe), doused them is gas, and lit up a bonfire. He just wanted them off the streets.

But I walked into his store soon after that (probably for the first and last time), and saw plenty of things like Colt AR15s with $1800 price tags hanging on them. I guess they don't burn so well. This was, of course, after walking past the cases full of $39.95 Ravens (pick a color, any color) that seems to be his primary business.

Going farther back, there was the time when his wife chased him around the store shooting at him (with a Beretta 92, I heard), emptied the gun, but never got him. When the cops arrived, supposedly they asked an employee why they didn't reload the gun for her.

He is a nut. I usually have to give anyone in the gun business at least a little bit of credit, since we are all on the same "side". But he is no friend of ours. He's just a clown who found an angle to make some money.

I still see him now and then at events like Colts games. He's getting pretty decrepit, and needs help to walk, but is still full of it.
I saw someone walk up to him last year, do the "I know you!" bit, shake his hand, and say he bought a gun from him back in 19-aught something or other, and Don started in with "Yeah, I remember you, blah, blah, blah".

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Good 'ol Don....

The story is that he was a convicted felon and "acquired" a pardon from the Indiana State Governor so he could get his FFL and a state CCW permit.

I walked into one of his gunshops some years ago when he was doing all of those stupid TV commericials. I just wanted to look around and see what he had and what kind of prices there were. None of the sales types even looked at me. If you are dressed well and look like you have money, they will be all over you. Go in wearing a sport shirt and a set of jeans like I did and you will get ignored.

Don's prices on decent quality handguns were all at MSRP or higher. He had some expensive pieces that were priced through the roof. Ditto ammo prices. I didn't intend to spend any money and I didn't. Never went back and never will. I agree with the other posters, this ex-felon had to be the worst example of a gundealer in Indiana.

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