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I've been enjoying Mr. Camps offerings at Precisionshooters for a while and decided to come back to his website since I just got myself a Makarov. Great to find a forum here to join! T'was a dirty little critter and I came home and field stripped it and cleaned it thoroughly. It shows no wear with the exception of the magazine and the lanyard ring.
It's a handsome little pistol, but would like to enhance the gun a bit. I'm thinking of 3 things right off the top of my head, sights are too small, grips are hard plastic and flatter than I like and I'd like to explore trigger options. I'd love to hear back about any suggestions. BTW, Mr. Camp mentioned somewhere that he has a 19lb recoil spring on his. How does the heavier spring affect the performance?

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My Bulgarian Makarov is flawless so I can't tell you anything mechanical to do.
The sights are small, so what I did was put a drop of bright Mango orange fingernail polish on the front sight and a drop on each side of the rear sight. Couldn't find any flourescent green so used the orange.
Really helps.

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I replaced my recoil spring with the 19 lb mainly to protect the frame. I think I have the old spring around, somewhere... The spring supposedly reduces recoil as well.

As far as grips or just about any other accessory I'd suggest makarov.com. I've dealt with them and had great dealings.

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