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Newbe question

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I'm new here, I came in by way of Mr. Camp's website which I found through another (Frugals?), anyway I'm currently looking at getting a handgun for the wife.

I myself am a diehard 1911 fan, but the wife is a bit recoil-sensitive and has some handstrength issues due to some physical problems. She does like my .45, but she can not fire many rounds through it without starting to have problems, so I'm looking at getting her something with a little lighter recoil.

She does not like the way most of the Hi-cap ubernines feel or handle (Glock, Taurus, etc.), she hates revolvers because they are not as easy to reload and operate (as opposed to slap in mag, yank slide, point and click), and I'm VERY reluctant to get her a low-cap 9mm like a 1911, if you use little bullets I think you should have a lot of them.

So, thanks to Mr. Camp's site, I'm thinking about a BHP. She's handled them at the gun-shop and has no problem with the slide and say's it feels ok, but I'm not what you would call an expert on the weapon. Therefore I would call upon the experts here;

Do you think the BHP is the way to go?

Are quality mags available at a good price (I won't have a weapon and less than 6 mags for it)?


I have been looking at the FM (Argentina) and some of the other clones (money's a bit tight right now), or should I bite the bullet and get an original?

How easy is self repair (being a survivalist I like weapons I can fix myself)?

Anything else I haven't thought of?

Thanks in advance,
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It's only money, but my Kahr PM9 is a great 9mm. Not too much recoil, good trigger, and mine is reliable with Rem GS and Fed HS. Small enough for even my pocket.
You get what you pay for. Don't consider a KT P11 for her, she would hate the trigger and hate you for giving her a gun that hurts to shoot.
Just my opinion.
BTW, my wife likes the Bersa Thunder 380 best of all but you said no to that.
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