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I like the S&W pistols. The old Gens 1-3 that is. I own a 4586, 4516-1 and a 4513. As of this evening I now own a 5944 as well. Smith only made this model from 1991 - 1992; back during that time that Smith was going through it's "Gun of the Month" phase The slide is blued carbon steel and the lower receiver is an aluminum alloy that has a dark blue finish (or something like that). It's a double action only ,like my 4586, and is chambered for 9mm. It was part of an auction and I was able to drive over to the auction company and check it out. It's in excellent shape both mechanically and cosmetically. I suspect, from the lack of wear patterns, that whoever bought it put it away in a safe and possibly never fired it. I won the bid at $495 which I am very pleased with considering how crazy the market is. Especially here in southwestern Idaho, where the stores are having a heck of time keeping up with the demand. Though relatively rare it doesn't seem to be in great demand and that's ok with me. I've always liked the blued steel autos and they aren't easy to find. A few photos from the auction.


My S&$ 4586. So now they can keep each other company.

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