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With the arrival of my P225 I have had to amend my short list to the following:
Silver Chrome HP, fixed sights preferable, .40 preferable but could live with a 9mm.
Ltwt Commander, box stock, Series 70 prefered, .45 ACP
S & W .38 Snubbie: M642 or 442 prefered, but could live with an older all steel model. Pre-lock prefered.
Now all I need to do is win the lottery... :-/


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Hello Wes,

Yes sir, I've got one going based on my own financial reserves:

At the top, a Colt Combat Commander, followed shortly by a SIG P229. I may be able to afford one or another depending how things wind up this summer.

It's nice to have one going. Particularly when out and about. I usually run into something I want when I least expect it!


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Yeah, I have a short list too. It just changes according to what I find.
OK. I guess if I had an actual list, it would be something like this (in no particular order):

-Another Colt Gov't to use as a base gun for a custom project.
-Colt LW Commander. I have a S&W Sc Cmdr, but would like a Colt.
-I'm always interested in High Standard .22s.
-HK P7M13.
-USFA M1910.

Ummmm, other than that, it's guns that don't fall under General Semiautos.
-3" RB S&W 13 or 65.
-S&W 547.
-Hamilton Bowen conversion: SAA Lightweight .44 Spl or .45 Colt.
-Bowen conversion: S&W .45 Colt Heavy Duty.
-Bowen convesrion: S&W .44 Special heavy Duty
-Bowen conversion: Keith #5.
-Bowen conversion: Ruger SA Lightweight .32-20
-Winchester 1886.
-Winchester 71.
-Steyr Scout.
-Double rifle of some sort. I like the 375 H&H.
-Another FAL.
-Make that two more FALs.
-OK, three.
-About 10 more Winchester M70s.

Yes, that's the short list.

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Ummmm--not to be picky, but the "short List" topic sure did creep into a "long List' thread ::) ::) Anyway, I didn't even know there was such a thing as a short list when it comes to need-to-have toys

I type with one finger, & it would wear me out if I listed my long "needs list". If only I had only been born rich, instead of good looking, the list would indeed be a short list & I could properly respond! Regards to all, G>M>F>
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