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So, I am surfing the net one day, warm in the glow of my HK P7 experience. Who knew a gun made in the early 1980s could be so inspirational?

Anyway, I happen across an article discussing the P9 series, here:


Another discontinued HK pistol - my curiosity was piqued, so I looked and found the P9S Forum at Park Cities Tactical. After boning up on the P9 series, I thought to myself:

Wait a cotton picking minute? You mean to tell me that there is a relatively lightweight .45 with soft recoil, fixed barrel/adjustable sight accuracy, and the best SA trigger this side of Teddy Jacobson?

I had to see what the fuss was about. Stumbled across a good deal on a P9S 45-Target built in 1980 with a 3 day inspection period. I took the plunge knowing I could probably sell the gun at profit if it didn't grab my fancy, or return it.

The gun arrived Friday, and man is it sweet. The trigger is adjustable - got mine down to 2.25 pounds. In addition, there is an overtravel stop built in to the triggerguard that converts the gun to SA only (with cocked and locked carry available). Ingenius! (These features only available on the Target model, not the Combat model).

So, my SA trigger is like this: about 3/8" take up, breaks like glass at 2.25 pounds, zero overtravel, and a whisper to reset the trigger.


Gun is built for righthanders, and it fits me to a T. Took her to the range for function testing, and it was all good. 185 JHP and 230 FMJ fed, fired and ejected 100%. Gun was very soft shooting and accurate.

Overall, big thumbs up on my new .45. It'll make your heart sing.
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