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New Hornaday .44 Mag Ammo---I'm laughing.

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Pat Sweeney had an article on the new Hornady 225 Gr. LeverEvolution .44 Magnum Loading in the new Handguns Magazine. I like Sweeney, but this was a case of much to do about nothing.
The round is purported to have the soft tip so it could be used in lever actions. Seems that has already been covered by the various flat point out there. At least they didn't allude to the fact that the pointed tip gave a higher BC and shot flatter than current stuff, thank God. Another point for sales and marketing. Folks will buy anything with a sexy looking plastic tip and somehow think it's "better/new/improved".
Sweeney was able to clock around 1,316 FPS with his 4" M29. Something do-able with a 240-250 grain KTSWC. Again, no surprises and nothing new. Expansion was good at .620" and penetration was 22-23" of ballistic gelatin.
As a hunting load this would be OK, but I have to come back to the fact that it won't be any more lethal than what is already available.
Much to-do and fanfare over nothing. Well, the writers have to write about something.

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Pretty much all gun rags are advertising Gak. I get 1450 fps outa my 5.5 Superblackhawk with 240 XTPs and have killed lots of critters. But you cant balme em for trying. Lots of good guns out there that basically will last a couple life times and still do everything just as well as a brand new model. There simply arnt enough new shooters to keep guns and gun assesory makers in business they gotta keep selling us new stuff, to do that they gotta convince people, " New is Improved "
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