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New CC bag for gear

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I’m a huge fan of Kore belts already as many might have seen my posts on their belts. I ordered their Urban CC pack/backpack from them now. I have tried several backpacks in the past- peak design was my top pick for the past 2 years. I wear knack sometimes too when I travel. So went ahead and tried out this kore edc bag.

So far it looks pretty cool. Tons of pocket storage and hidden compartments. I have my LEATHERMAN and pen in there this far and next want to try the magnets in the back for my gun. I travel a lot for work so this might be useful for all my gear and clothing. I’m going to give it a go this coming month when I fly to my work conference and see if I can fit my clothes and laptop. Seems like tons of entry points too for easy grab access- also rugged feel. I’ll post again once I actually try it out to see if it works.
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Got some pics of the gun in the bag held by magnets
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