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iI got this from j&G sales web site. Start buy your hi caps know.

Congresswoman McCarthy of New York has reintroduced the Assault Weapon Ban in the US Congress, and the large capacity magazine ban as well. It is currently in committee, now is the time to stop it in its tracks.

It goes beyond the past ban in several ways. There will be no renaming of guns or making cosmetic changes to skirt the ban. There is no exception for using US parts to avoid the ban. Guns are named by model as banned including all AK style, all AR-15 style, all FAL and H&K style rifles, M1 Carbines are named specifically, as well and many others. All mags over 10 rounds are banned.

Additionally it gives the Attorney General the power to unilaterally determine that even though used for a sporting event, it doesn't mean your firearm has a sporting purpose and can be banned as a non-sporting gun. (doublespeak at its finest.) You will not be allowed to sell your existing military arms directly to another individual.

Now is the time to impress on your Representatives in Congress that the last ban had no effect and we will not tolerate the continual erosion of our freedoms in this country by special interests and agendas. The full text of the bill can be found here:

Call or send a letter to your Congressperson in the House of Representatives, (emails are not as effective). You can find their name and number here:

In other news, we also have more items up for auction this week, with more new stuff coming on Wednesday as well. We have barrels, stocks, holsters, rare coins, and pistol boxes. Many items have starting bids at up to 80-90% of! Check out the auctions here:

Join with other gun owners and let your voice be heard, check out groups such as the NRA. Click here to see about joining: https://membership.nrahq.org/forms/signup.asp?CampaignID=XS005080. Also look at groups such as Gunowners of America at http://www.gunowners.org and JPFO at http://www.jpfo.org, and the Assembly of Sportsmens Caucuses at http://www.statesportsmenslink.org/
Please pass the word.

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Hello. I am going to leave this up as I am quite active in the fight to keep and bear arms as per the Second Amendment, but PAY ATTENTION TO THIS: The rules here are NO POLITICS, nothing but actual shooting, firearms, ammunition, holsters, etc. This site is intended as a refuge for strictly those things. I support the Second Amendment fully as do other members but being a moderator on several boards has taught me that more hell comes, hurt feelings, arguments and just plain boorish behavior on topics pertaining to "Legal & Political." I have seen it ruin a couple of sites.

I'm violating my own rule of no warnings, just delete but the threat is there and we should all do our part. However, it is becoming more and more and more apparent to me that very few actually take the time to read the posted rules here.

I have no problems with Pro-Second signatures and so forth, but trying to moderate and keep a tame site where folks can post w/o either hard feelings or "spirited discussion" (just a damned cop out for seeing who can be the rudest) ruining things is tough enough as is.

Please folks, no political posts.

Folks not wishing to abide by this can feel free to post political posts and warnings on pending legislation at other sites. I am sure that the good people here don't stay here exclusively.
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