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Welcome to the forum and the addictive world of the Browning High Power!

I believe you need to take the entire trigger assembly out, as you need to do in the FN MKlll pistols.

Look for videos from BH Spring Solutions, who also has a set of punches that work well for removing that trigger assembly pin. Their springs are top notch as are the rest of their BHP parts. If you order the trigger punch set, request a free recoil spring while you are there.

They have produced some of the best (most accurate information) BHP videos covering all aspects of DIY maintenance, history, etc. Some can be found here. Here is their video detailing trigger pin removal. There is also a detailed report on your new pistol... which (by the way) is a fine pistol and does not make you trailer trash! I intend to pick one up one of these days, but my next projects will be having BHSS mate an FN Alloy frame to a Ceiner .22 Caliber Conversion kit (with new trigger, SFS etc) and then have them optimize and fine tune my as yet unfired SA-35.

Once you master that trigger pin removal, you will find the BHP is fairly simple to work on.

*In My Opinion... your local gunsmith is completely wrong and being overly cautious. Probably best to respect his choice.


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