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Need help finding a .38 Special load

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I won't go into detail about the whys of the question, but I'm in pretty serious need of a specific .38 Special load.

I need a plain jane factory LSWC load. I'd prefer +P, of course, but the primary criterion is that it be a LSWC. Anybody got a stock number and brand you can pass along?
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38 Special
158 gr. Super-X
Thanks for the help, guys. I had been on the Winchester and Federal sites and had found nothing of use; I had *assumed* that Remington wouldn't have what I needed. I'll order or track down a couple of boxes of the R38S14 load.

I have Winchester +P LSWCHP on hand, but in this case I need a solid, not a hollow point, so I had to go looking.

Thanks again for the help.
You're most welcome sir.

I just copied the data off the current web pages. Also checked a couple more sources later on but no joy.

(_bugger_ Federal for dropping the Nyclads and most of their lead loads)


www.ammoman.com sells Federal LSWC +p Classic .38 special ammo for $129 shipped for 500 rounds.


BTW the LSWCHP performs similar to the LSWC in just about every way in most short barreled guns (when the HP fails to expand).
PFF- ammoman also sells the Nyclads for $25 per box shipped.
Thanks!! Will check it out.


I wanted to thank everyone for their help. On Tuesday I called Natchez Shooters Supply and ordered two boxes of Remington 158-gr LSWC +P (R38S14) and added three boxes of Winchester LSWCHP +P just to have on hand. My order arrived on Thursday, so I'm fixed.

The ballistics of the two rounds are virtually identical, and they both shoot very close to POA in my 4" heavy barrel M10-6 .
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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