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Josh and all,

I just found out that if I had posted a picture from the "PhotoBucket" site here on the forums using the IMG feature.....and then if later I delete that photo at PhotoBucket....the picture is then also deleted here.
So is there any other way to post a picture so it stays here permanently?
I know a while back I e-mailed my picture on a wetpack test to Josh and he posted it and it is there permanently.
But is it possible to post a .jpg direct without having to use PhotoBucket, etc.
Sure would be nice and a lot more pictures could be shown.
og.............just wondering.

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Hi OG,

No sir, no better way without paying (we can pay and remove the ads, as well as enable a "post picture" feature).

The reason your wetpack test stayed is because I've not deleted it from Imagestation! ;) I now use Photobucket and just make multiple folders as I would on my computer for sorting pics.

So, short answer: At this time there is no way to post pictures without a photo host. When I built this place I never imagined it would grow the way it did!

Josh <><
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