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While working in the home office , I happened to see on the National Geographic Channel a listing for their Naked Science show. Today the show is about "Bullets" and it's really good. It's a hour show, and I'm through half of it now.

So far, not the first anti-gun comment. While it is simplified in the terminology used, it's an excellent presentation and I'm seeing and learning a lot. Dr. Fackler is one of the experts.

Wonderful examples of FMJ and HP wounds patterns.

Be sure and check your local listings as I think yall would enjoy it. However, now I want one of those .50 caliber rifles! WOW!

Don't miss this! It's really eyeopening!

Steve (eating popcorn like it's Saturday night at the movies)

Must be good TV day for a change. This evening on the History Channel is a program, Modern Marvels-Bulletproof. It's also got very interesting information. Makes you want to go for head shots<bg>.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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